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Cryptocurrency Masternodes


Cryptocurrency Masternodes are one of the less well known ways to profit with cryptocurrencies.

Up until now these have been the exclusive domain of “techies” who know how to run virtual private servers, configure and run these masternode systems.

A cryptocurrency masternode is the system that runs the behind the scenes technical processes needed to keep the coin blockchain operating and also to mine crypto coins.

Now there’s a way for even the average non-technical person to own, run and profit from owning a cryptocurrency masternode.

This new cryptocurrency masternode, crypto coin, crypto exchange and crypto trading software is in Pre-Launch.

Affiliate and network marketing LEADERS are joining NOW to position themselves in the Top 1,000 in the company forced matrix structure.

The opportunity includes a new coin operated with masternodes, a new coin exchange and an AFFILIATE PROGRAM linked to the new coin and the masternodes.

50 of the new coins will be included for the first 1,000 AFFILIATES providing a fractional share in one of the corporate masternodes. Paying daily, masternodes can be an ideal passive income play.



Petro Cryptocurrency


Petro is the name of the new cryptocurrency launched by the Venezuelan government. It recently announced it launched the first “fiat cryptocurrency”.

To me this is a a bit of a non sequitur. It’s either fiat or cryptocurrency but for now at least, not both.

Fiat currency is government based and often manipulated. The Venezuelan government has a long and BAD track record with regards to managing their fiat currency – the Bolivar.

This is why ordinary Venezuelans are moving their money to the non-fiat cryptocurrency options we now have available. This is an attempt to get U.S. dollars into the Venezuelan government coffers!

The Venezuelan government has been financing almost 98% of government expenditures by printing money. This is why the inflation rate in Venezuela is as much as 5,200%.

At that astronomical rate, the value of the bolívar is almost zero. It’s completely inflated away. Everything that’s in bolívares has virtually no value.IMHO

IMHO the petro isn’t a real cryptocurrency project… and it shouldn’t be taken seriously. The government keeps changing its plans. It’s already changed the blockchain platform it says it will be using several times.

If you want my opinion – keep well away from the petro!

Mining Cryptocurrency


“Mining cryptocurrency from home is not profitable any more”.

At least that’s what conventional wisdom would say.

But conventional wisdom is WRONG!

Yes, the “big boys” with multi-million dollar mining rigs in cold climates and close to cheap hydro or geothermal power (like in Iceland) took over much of the Bitcoin and other crypto mining space.


In the early days of Bitcoin you could mine Bitcoin with your home computer

Today the average personal computer does not have the computing power needed for mining cryptocurrency.

But that doesn’t mean you cannot mine cryptocurrency profitably from home!

And you don’t have to be a “Techie” to do it either.

Mining Cryptocurrency

On February 28th a small but fast growing company called Vista Network (based in Spain and the USA) launched an electronic gadget specifically designed for mining cryptocurrency from home.

Dubbed “The Mini Miner”, this small device becomes part of a smart mining pool whose collective mining power makes it profitable.

Up to 40 different coins can be mined this way.

I like ways to make money passively, “on autopilot”. This is one.

After purchasing your “Mini Miner” you can add to your cryptocurrency mining power by purchasing additional “Hash” power directly from the company.

Click the link to find out more about Vista Network and their efficient device for mining cryptocurrency– the “MiniMiner. Simply sign up for a free account with Vista Network.


Bitcoin And Cryptocrrencies For Generational Wealth Building


I’ve created a “Bitcoin Blueprint” for how to make money with cryptocurrenices.

It’ shows how there are both “Active” and “Passive” ways to make money with Bitcoin and other ‘altcoins’.

If you want to see this – contact me HERE

Bitcoin Trading

The most obvious and therefore most used method is trading of coins. Just like with stocks and shares you can use strategies such as buy and hold or be a day trader.

Personally, I do both.

I’ve built (and continue to build) a portfolio of Bitcoin and other crypto coins I like. I typically buy $200 to $500 of each and I’m HODL-ing these for their long term growth potential. This helps diversify my portfolio and I don’t have a huge exposure to any one coin.

[Note: In case you did not know, HODL is an insider crypto joke. Someone meant to type HOLD and mistyped it as HODL. So if you see “HODL” in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency world it’s really HOLD!]

I also day trade altcoins against Bitcoin.

Once in a while I’ll go crazy and sit at the computer all day watching charts of coins I think have a lot of volatility to the upside and I’ll place trades in a more manual mode. But even then I use a “robot” to determine when to sell at a profit.

Bitcoin Robot Trading Software

Most of the time my preference is to let sophisticated automated “robots” trade for me. After all my time is very valuable and I can be making money with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies other ways while the robot makes money for me – even while I’m asleep!

Yes, that’s right the robot picks a coin from the one’s I told it to look at. Then if the mathematical algorithm programmed into the robot “likes” the look of a number of factors it will buy some of that coin in one of my Bitcoin and altcoin Exchange.

Seeing my robotic trades “go green” is a great way to start the day!

Importantly, the robot sells my positions when at least 1% profit is achieved. I’ve typically been getting 1 to 5% wins – but of course, nothing is guaranteed – the market always rules!


That said, I am VERY happy with my results.

Here’s a screenshot of my robot trader dashboard.

If you’d like to see a demonstration of this robotic trading software in action – set up a time for a webinar with me. My calendar is HERE

In another post I’ll share with you my other preferred way to make money with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies – namely MINING of Bitcoin and up to 40 other cryptos.

How Making Money Online Works


Isn’t it obvious how making money online works?

To many people, NO it is not!

So here’s the 9-1-1:

How Making Money Online Really Works.

The reality is there are numerous ways to make money online:

  • Selling products
  • Selling Information
  • Selling systems
  • Trading cryptocurrencies

Over time, I’ve done them all. Made money with them all.

Contact me to discuss which of these you’d like to explore:

[ken @ theonlinebizhub.com]


I reward action takers.  If we’re a good fit, I’ll send you a FREE copy of the new book “How To Build A Digital Marketing Business” by Legendary Marketer David Sharpe.

Vista Networks Cryptocurrency Mini Miner


Vista Networks is first and foremost a technology company dealing with cryptocurrencies.

Listen to the company CEO –> HERE

HOT January Launch:

In a few days the “Mini-Miner” will launch. It’s a patent protected crypto mining device.

I am VERY, VERY EXCITED by this.

You will be able to MINE crypto – Ripple, Monero, Litecoin etc. right from your home.

Believe me – This Is HUGE.

Vista is set to become THE Crypto Company.

It is run like A REAL COMPANY.

You can be in at the start of the company’s rollout and growth. Right now this is a SLEEPING GIANT.

But it’s about to wake up…


It moves Crypto mining from an industrial operation to a HOME BASED location.

Individuals – YOU – can earn ~$500+ a month with a MINI-MINER from home.

You will want this, so will all your friends and family.

It is an astonishing innovation.

It is half the size of an iPhone, using $2-3 of power a month, but earning you $500+ of coin each month.

Retail price – not yet fixed, will likely beless than $1,000. Perhaps $899. Still to be confirmed – this is so NEW.


Warning: This will be a LONG post. I want


Starting week 1 of January, there will be a new VISTA NETWORKS website operational.

So you will not see some of the new innovations I’m describing on the site for a few days yet.

Please be patient. This is under the radar. You are getting a sneak preview of this company.

There are effectively two sides to Vista Networks

1. The Virtual Side

This is where you earn 2.5% interest per day paid on your initial deposits from manual and automated trading by the company.

Double your Deposit in 80 days…

In a few days there will be lower priced Bitcoin packages available so the lowest Bitcoin package will be about $80 with increments around $160, $320 and up to 0.05BTC and more.

Ethereum packages may be a little cheaper when you log in because of its lower price than Bitcoin.

2. The Hard Products Side

  • The MINI-MINER is a product half the size of a smart phone.
  • It uses about $3 a month of power.
  • Full LCD screen
  • High efficiency computer
  • Wifi enabled and HDMI ports
  • Includes battery power
  • Mines up to $500 per month of coins



In February or March period there will be a Vistaowned Exchange and a Mining Pool launched.

There will also be TWO new coins launched.

A) Vista coin. It will be similar to Bitconnect but stronger. Get in early (NOW) and you’ll get coins at early pricing.

B) Alexa coin – linked to humanitarian actions.

All Vista members get the same allocation of coins. It does not matter if you joined with $80 or $80,000. All are rewarded equally.

This is a quick snapshot of VISTA Networks:

  • A real company
  • Real CEO
  • Real Offices in USA & Spain
  • Go see them mine coins
  • Go see them Trading crypto

But Please Don’t Miss The Boat

  • The time for Crypto is NOW.
  • The time to start earning 2.5% a day is NOW.
  • The time to get into the cryoto mining business from home is a few days away

You don’t have to commit a big sum to get started earning 2.5% per day.

Start Now – Add More Later


Ken Alston

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Will Robots Take Your Job?


Will robots take your job?

It’s a scary prospect…Now they are scanning supermarket shelves in place of humans.

It’s bad enough that more and more jobs are low cost, but now even jobs checking supermarket shelves (that pay maybe $10 an hour) are being done by robots.

“Walmart is expanding its shelf-scanning robot program to 50 stores, reports Reuters. The retail giant has been testing the robots in a few stores in Arkansas, California and Pennsylvania. The machines, made by robot developer Bossa Nova, can check for stock levels, inventory prices and misplaced items, according to Engadget. Walmart said the robots won’t replace human workers, according to Reuters.”

The article says, “…robots are more productive than their human counterparts and can scan shelves significantly more accurately and three times faster, …”

Is the writing on the wall for your job?

Are you just sick and tired of your job even if the robots aren’t knocking on your door yet?

There is an alternative…

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