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Bitcoin And Cryptocrrencies For Generational Wealth Building


I’ve created a “Bitcoin Blueprint” for how to make money with cryptocurrenices.

It’ shows how there are both “Active” and “Passive” ways to make money with Bitcoin and other ‘altcoins’.

If you want to see this – contact me HERE

Bitcoin Trading

The most obvious and therefore most used method is trading of coins. Just like with stocks and shares you can use strategies such as buy and hold or be a day trader.

Personally, I do both.

I’ve built (and continue to build) a portfolio of Bitcoin and other crypto coins I like. I typically buy $200 to $500 of each and I’m HODL-ing these for their long term growth potential. This helps diversify my portfolio and I don’t have a huge exposure to any one coin.

[Note: In case you did not know, HODL is an insider crypto joke. Someone meant to type HOLD and mistyped it as HODL. So if you see “HODL” in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency world it’s really HOLD!]

I also day trade altcoins against Bitcoin.

Once in a while I’ll go crazy and sit at the computer all day watching charts of coins I think have a lot of volatility to the upside and I’ll place trades in a more manual mode. But even then I use a “robot” to determine when to sell at a profit.

Bitcoin Robot Trading Software

Most of the time my preference is to let sophisticated automated “robots” trade for me. After all my time is very valuable and I can be making money with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies other ways while the robot makes money for me – even while I’m asleep!

Yes, that’s right the robot picks a coin from the one’s I told it to look at. Then if the mathematical algorithm programmed into the robot “likes” the look of a number of factors it will buy some of that coin in one of my Bitcoin and altcoin Exchange.

Seeing my robotic trades “go green” is a great way to start the day!

Importantly, the robot sells my positions when at least 1% profit is achieved. I’ve typically been getting 1 to 5% wins – but of course, nothing is guaranteed – the market always rules!


That said, I am VERY happy with my results.

Here’s a screenshot of my robot trader dashboard.

If you’d like to see a demonstration of this robotic trading software in action – set up a time for a webinar with me. My calendar is HERE

In another post I’ll share with you my other preferred way to make money with Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies – namely MINING of Bitcoin and up to 40 other cryptos.


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