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Mining Cryptocurrency


“Mining cryptocurrency from home is not profitable any more”.

At least that’s what conventional wisdom would say.

But conventional wisdom is WRONG!

Yes, the “big boys” with multi-million dollar mining rigs in cold climates and close to cheap hydro or geothermal power (like in Iceland) took over much of the Bitcoin and other crypto mining space.


In the early days of Bitcoin you could mine Bitcoin with your home computer

Today the average personal computer does not have the computing power needed for mining cryptocurrency.

But that doesn’t mean you cannot mine cryptocurrency profitably from home!

And you don’t have to be a “Techie” to do it either.

Mining Cryptocurrency

On February 28th a small but fast growing company called Vista Network (based in Spain and the USA) launched an electronic gadget specifically designed for mining cryptocurrency from home.

Dubbed “The Mini Miner”, this small device becomes part of a smart mining pool whose collective mining power makes it profitable.

Up to 40 different coins can be mined this way.

I like ways to make money passively, “on autopilot”. This is one.

After purchasing your “Mini Miner” you can add to your cryptocurrency mining power by purchasing additional “Hash” power directly from the company.

Click the link to find out more about Vista Network and their efficient device for mining cryptocurrency– the “MiniMiner. Simply sign up for a free account with Vista Network.



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