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Vista Networks Cryptocurrency Mini Miner


Vista Networks is first and foremost a technology company dealing with cryptocurrencies.

Listen to the company CEO –> HERE

HOT January Launch:

In a few days the “Mini-Miner” will launch. It’s a patent protected crypto mining device.

I am VERY, VERY EXCITED by this.

You will be able to MINE crypto – Ripple, Monero, Litecoin etc. right from your home.

Believe me – This Is HUGE.

Vista is set to become THE Crypto Company.

It is run like A REAL COMPANY.

You can be in at the start of the company’s rollout and growth. Right now this is a SLEEPING GIANT.

But it’s about to wake up…


It moves Crypto mining from an industrial operation to a HOME BASED location.

Individuals – YOU – can earn ~$500+ a month with a MINI-MINER from home.

You will want this, so will all your friends and family.

It is an astonishing innovation.

It is half the size of an iPhone, using $2-3 of power a month, but earning you $500+ of coin each month.

Retail price – not yet fixed, will likely beless than $1,000. Perhaps $899. Still to be confirmed – this is so NEW.


Warning: This will be a LONG post. I want


Starting week 1 of January, there will be a new VISTA NETWORKS website operational.

So you will not see some of the new innovations I’m describing on the site for a few days yet.

Please be patient. This is under the radar. You are getting a sneak preview of this company.

There are effectively two sides to Vista Networks

1. The Virtual Side

This is where you earn 2.5% interest per day paid on your initial deposits from manual and automated trading by the company.

Double your Deposit in 80 days…

In a few days there will be lower priced Bitcoin packages available so the lowest Bitcoin package will be about $80 with increments around $160, $320 and up to 0.05BTC and more.

Ethereum packages may be a little cheaper when you log in because of its lower price than Bitcoin.

2. The Hard Products Side

  • The MINI-MINER is a product half the size of a smart phone.
  • It uses about $3 a month of power.
  • Full LCD screen
  • High efficiency computer
  • Wifi enabled and HDMI ports
  • Includes battery power
  • Mines up to $500 per month of coins



In February or March period there will be a Vistaowned Exchange and a Mining Pool launched.

There will also be TWO new coins launched.

A) Vista coin. It will be similar to Bitconnect but stronger. Get in early (NOW) and you’ll get coins at early pricing.

B) Alexa coin – linked to humanitarian actions.

All Vista members get the same allocation of coins. It does not matter if you joined with $80 or $80,000. All are rewarded equally.

This is a quick snapshot of VISTA Networks:

  • A real company
  • Real CEO
  • Real Offices in USA & Spain
  • Go see them mine coins
  • Go see them Trading crypto

But Please Don’t Miss The Boat

  • The time for Crypto is NOW.
  • The time to start earning 2.5% a day is NOW.
  • The time to get into the cryoto mining business from home is a few days away

You don’t have to commit a big sum to get started earning 2.5% per day.

Start Now – Add More Later


Ken Alston

P.S. For my team members only I’ll also share how I’m building my business. It’s a little known strategy that can be done in any town or city. In 2018 I plan to have hundreds of new members, I’ll show you how: JOIN VISTA HERE <–


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