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Laptop Lifestyle System

Get Your Laptop Lifestyle System

Now there’s a BRAND NEW way to get extreme LEVERAGE from a proven Laptop Lifestyle System.

It’s a system you can follow from anywhere as long as you have access to WiFi!

Some of you know I’ve been fortunate to travel the world as a paid consultant.

At the end of November 2017 I’m invited to Medellin, Colombia South America to speak at a conference that’s being organized by one of my good friends who lives in the beautiful little island of Aruba.

This is the hotel that payed for me to stay at their resort complex on Aruba.

Ken's Hotel in Aruba

I love South America.

I’ve been to Brazil three times, Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paolo.

I’ve been to Lima and Araquipa in Peru; to Buenos Aires in Argentina.

And to Santiago, Chile.

The story I want you to learn from today is that of Carolina Millan from Chile. She’s a perfect example of what’s possible with your own internet business, no matter what your background or experience is.

If you doubt me, Carolina has gone on to make well over $700,000 with her online laptop lifestyle system.

You can too. Watch Carolina’s VIDEO HERE.

Can you see yourself in a place you’ve always wanted to live and work, living the laptop lifestyle…

I know I can.

Here’s wishing you a growing laptop lifestyle from by the pool!!Get Your Laptop Lifestyle System

Have You Created A Business Or A Job?

Sinclair Scientific Calculator
I wish I’d asked myself “Have I created a business?” a lot earlier than I did.
You see I was very early to the internet and online marketing.
Yes, even older people like me can be nerdy – I grew up in the era of the microchip.
I actually still have the first pocket electronic calculator I bought when I was about 13 years old!.
it was called the Sinclair Scientific- I cost me a whopping $130 – back then that was a LOT of spending money for a young kid.
And all it did was to add, subtract, multiply, divide and a couple of logarithmic and geometric functions!
If you want one you can still get one for about $40 in eBay in the UK as a “Vintage Calculator”, LOL!!
I got mad when a week later they dropped the price by 50%. But I did complain and got the reduced price –  that’s good customer relations for you.

Sinclair Scientific Calculator

Anyway back to the story…
I’d paid a “guru” to teach me the basics of internet marketing back in the early days when everything was new and nothing was automated.
One of his ‘pearls of wisdom’ was to take something you like to do and turn it into a business online.
Well, I liked gardening and I grew Japanese maple trees, some for Bonsai training.
So I decided to start an online Japanese maple tree business : www.Japanese-maple.com.
It’s been essentially wound down today for the reason I’ll explain in a minute…
This is where I learned my craft as an internet marketer.
You have to be a lifelong learner and be prepared to learn a new set of skills if you want to succeed.
So, I built my own website.
I researched all the buyer keywords.
I structured the site into a silo structure that Google would “like” to crawl.
I wrote the copy, took all the photos.
I bought seeds, seedlings and grafted trees.
I tended to the trees, watering , feeding, repotting.
I did all the online marketing.
I did all the packing and shipping of orders.
i did all the sales taxes and on and on…
Are you getting the picture?
Yes, Instead of creating a business that would free me to have a life with more time and money freedom – I’d actually created another JOB on top of the one I already had as an employee.
This 2-minute VIDEO explains this idea in more detail.
I had to go back to review the original GOAL I’d started with…namely having a business with SYSTEMS that operate even when I’m sleeping.
So how do you get a scaleable, systematized business that ordinary people (like me and you) can plug into?
This was the question I had to answer.
It’s what YOU need to answer if you want what’s being called the “Wi-Fi lifestyle”.
A lifestyle where you can run your business  – even on your smart phone – from anywhere in the world where there is Wi-Fi!
A good solution is here in this Fr-ee ebook about becoming a Wi-Fi Millionaire. 
Here’s to your freedom…

CryptoCurrency Without The Risk

bitcoin cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency is “HOT”!

The big investment newsletters are starting to pile in and even TD Ameritrade is looking at trading crypto.

I’m the owner of seven cryptocurrency coins and I’m actively monitoring events in the market.

If you want to get started with Cryptocurrencies but don’t know where to start let me demystify this for you. I’ll send you commentaries on crypto coins and opportunities as I see them emerging.

Sign up to my fr-ee cryptocurrency newsletter below.


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Crypto Ken


Unemployment Sucks, So Does A Job

unemployment sucks

Unemployment sucks…

I know, I was made redundant at age 64.

The weekly maximum unemployment pay in Virginia is $378, not even enough to pay the rent.

Don’t get me wrong – it was a welcome lifeline, it helped, but not enough to really make a difference.

You’re left hunting for a job, any job that will pay more than this minimal maximum – even assuming you qualified for the maximum in the first place.

Then you’re stuck in the Just-Over Broke (J-O-B) cycle of despair, not enjoying how you trade your life for a few bucks. Yes, it sucks.

It’s clear that basically you are on your own.

So what to do when there’s still more month than money?

Answer: Employ yourself in your own business.

The best online franchise for 2018 and beyond is a job killer and unemployment ender.

You’ve Been Fired



“You’ve Been Fired”.

Maybe President Trump”s favorite phrase…

But not the words YOU want to hear…

But with automation and efficiency gains there are a lot of jobs that don’t need people any more.

It happened to me. I was laid off at age 64…

The way I see it is this…

You can either just gripe and moan saying it’s unfair you’ve been fired & getting yourself upset, into a bad state of mind.

Or you can tell yourself it’s out of your control, so move on with your life. Don’t waste any energy on things you can’t control.

Put your effort and energy into things you can do – like starting your own business.

I started one HERE

You always have a choice.

  • To do something or not.
  • To get upset or not.
  • To start something or not.

It really is up to you.

Do you have a big enough reason WHY you want to do this?

Will it sustain you through the ups & downs of starting an enterprise? Because it needs to!

If you’ve lost your job – you’ve been fired?

Take it as an opportunity!!

  • Now you have enough of a reason to not quit until you succeed.
  • Now you’ve been given time to do this properly, professionally.

Get help from a trusted coach – get help from someone…

But please – for your future – get started.




Are You Still Trading Hours For Dollars?

3_Step System

3_Step SystemAre You Still Trading Hours For Dollars With Your Job?

I Was Struggling to Create An Online Business…

…But Became An Online Marketing Systems Master & Free Man

Hey, I decided to write a longer than usual post today.

Some of you like short, pithy to the point posts!

But some of you want to see ‘real world’ stories, examples of what NOT to do as well as what to do, what is working today.

Sometimes that just needs more words!

It’s an old story, but one that’s still repeated every work day, all over the world.

It was my story, it might be your story too?

You’re working hard. You trade your life & heartbeats for a wage. You feel undervalued,

You feel like life is passing you by.

You know there is a better future ‘out there’.

You want to do something about your situation – but how can you get from here to there?

You’ve heard of people making good money, some even great money – but can YOU do it?

You’ve felt this sense of restlessness for some time.

You’ve got an itch to scratch about finding a real alternative to a conventional job.

But what to do about it?

Drowning In Opportunity

Let’s face it, there are hundreds, even thousands (probably millions) of ways to make money.

Everywhere you turn someone is selling you something.

Join my home business, sell cosmetics, sell pet food, sell – well you name it – someone’s offering it.

You are surrounded by opportunity. That’s NOT your problem!

Discovering – What’s Right For You?

Making the right choice for YOU is the problem.

Which opportunity is a good fit for you?

Is there an opportunity you believe you will be successful with?

Which one gives you what you need to succeed.?

What help & support can you expect along the way?

Who is going to be honest & upfront with you?

(Hint: I will!)

Guru’s, Guru’s Everywhere

There are so called “Guru’s” everywhere,

Purporting to have the “secret formula”, urging you to part with your money.

I should know, I’ve parted with thousands of dollars over the years looking for the right thing to do.

Let me tell you straight – many, if not most guru’s are overrated.

One told me to pick something I’m passionate about and turn it into a business.

Another said find a niche that’s underserved and create products to solve their problems.

Now don’t get me wrong, at one level these are ok strategies – to a degree.

Let me explain why…they are right, but still wrong!

Ken’s Internet Business Journey

I listened to the guru who told me to take a passion and turn it into a business.

I did!

It worked – to a degree – but as you’ll see it wasn’t the right business – the advice was well meaning but missed a VITAL strategic component.

I love Japanese maple trees. I could write a book about them (actually I wrote two, they’re still available as e-books on Amazon!)

Japanese mAple tree



… but I digress…

Back then there wasn’t much online about Japanese maple trees.

I got the web domain www.Japanese-maple.com, started to learn HTML and made my own website – this is in the days before drag and drop web site builders!

I started one of the first online specialist nurseries and got sales!

I thought it was great but I just blundered into it.

To cut a long (several years long) story, it was a hobby that made hobby income.

It turned out to be another demanding job where I traded hours for money. It’s a lot of work growing and keeping plants alive.

It takes a lot of time to carefully pack & ship live plants!

I didn’t think about it being a seasonal business with just 2 sales seasons in Spring & Fall.

Worst of all, it wasn’t easily scaleable to the income I wanted.

So, I’ve closed down that business “Commonwealth Plants, LLC” and traded it in for “The Online Biz Hub, LLC”.

That’s who is writing to you today.

Who Are You Going To Learn From?

I tried to do it all myself.

You can certainly do that.

It’s tough (and long) journey as a “solo-preneur”.

I really do recommend you get some help from a mentor – one who has a proven track record.

That’s what I did after trying (really trying hard) to do it all myself.

My advice – don’t fall into the trap of having too much pride and trying to do it all on your own!

Don’t get a ‘guru’ – get an advisor or mentor. There’s a world of difference between the two.

So What’s The “Secret” of Success?

It’s not a secret.

It’s a SYSTEM.

Remember my plant business wasn’t scaleable?

What is scaleable is a repeatable selling system.

Preferably a system where people come to you and buy.

One where you don’t sell because the system does it for you.

One where you don’t cold call anyone.

One where you can grow the business putting in only the time you choose to devote to it.

Once you have a system in place that can turn $1 in marketing investment into $2, $3, $97,  $997 or more dollars – then you have a profitable, repeatable business.

The way to do that is ONLINE.

With a proven Sales Funnel.

You can (but you don’t want to) build it all from scratch yourself.

It takes too long and you are wasting your time on “techie” stuff that’s already been figured out!

Done For You System


Check out the simple, 3-Step System I’m using.

Go ahead, spoil yourself and risk a whole dollar!

I can promise you it’s worth a Buck to take a look inside a working, profitable internet business sales funnel.

You can duplicate this.

You can get your own “done for you” franchise system if you’re ready to start your online business.

You even get your own personal mentor to support & guide you.

In the end it always comes down to this.

If not now – WHEN are you going to commit to doing something other than complaining about your job?

I’ve given you an insight into my journey – when will you start yours?

P.S. Inside the 3-Step System you’ll find my friend Paul Lynch from the North of England – where I was born. He has a great northern accent, you’ll enjoy listening to him HERE!










Why Do You Do Anything?

Whhttp://theonlinebizhub.net/franchise/?id=2&campaign=lic_tobhblogt's your why?

So, why do you do anything?

Why get out of bed in the morning? Why go to work? Why a thousand other things you do?

Whhttp://theonlinebizhub.net/franchise/?id=2&campaign=lic_tobhblogt's your why?

Because there’s something DRIVING you to choose to do it – whatever your it is.

When you focus attention & activity on that driver you can achieve almost anything.

For most of my conventional working life my driver was a combination of “I must pay the bills” and “I want to leave a legacy of a world that’s better because I was here”.

The former is a driver that can keep you trapped in a job.

The latter has a strong emotional pull that can open up new avenues.

So what’s driving your decisions? Do you even know?

Here’s my why.

You need to think about this seriously because it’s shaping your life.

Here’s a way to gain your independence with an online franchise <–.

Your Own Online Franchise Business

Online Business Franchise

Starting an online franchise business is one of the fastest ways to jump start your own internet business.

The whole idea behind a franchise is that the set up for your business system is already done for you.

Think McDonalds – when you pay tour Million dollars for your franchise you expect to get a proven system to take teenagers and have them consistently churn out hot burgers with fries quickly – with the minimum of training.

Likewise, with an online business franchise you should expect to get a fully functioning, proven sales funnel and marketing system.

Go here –> Online Franchise Business

Online Business Franchise

Get the $1.00 trial…there are NO UPSELLS.

Heck – I’ll even refund you the $1 if that’s too much to pay…

I can’t be fairer than that.

Ken, Founder – TheOnlineBizHub, LLC


Why Coaching Works

business coach

There’s a simple reason why coaching works.

Deep down we need an accountability buddy.

We’re human!

Sometimes we don’t feel like doing something we really know we should.

This is why top sports men and women have coaches:

  • to keep them accountable
  • to teach them new skills
  • to push them forward
  • to reach , even exceed their goals

It’s the same in business.

You need a business accountability buddy. You need a business skills coach.

Two days ago I received a Facebook message.

“…You are the first person I actually believe is telling the truth and I would like nothing more than to make money online with your system but I’m very inexperienced at this and I need someone like you to mentor and guide me to success the “RIGHT WAY!’ Ken would you help me…?

It turns out this came from a former NFL player and high school coach.

I told him it would be for him just like it is for his new High School students..

“Seeing how you coached I see it this way… imagine if your students wanted to be starters on the team, had no prior playing time at football, didn’t know the rules of the game and asked “Coach, am I a starter this week”? This is how most people are when it comes to starting a business. Just give me the quick fix, magic juice, secret sauce and I’m done!
You know there has to be some skill training, some practice, some game study and don’t forget some coaching! Right? Then your skills, experience and application build over time to shape you into the “natural athlete, overnight success” everyone sees on the field!”

His reply?

“You know I’m coachable so ‘coach me up my friend!’ “

Now that’s someone who will succeed.

Be like the coach and be open to being coached in online business.

Your first coaching session starts HERE.


Making Online Business Sales

Online business sales

There’s no “magic” to making online business sales and achieving success.

But there is a system that’s needed to make sales consistently and profitably on the internet.

Here’s one of my online sales funnels for the past week…

Online business sales

Now before you say, “Huh $207 bucks, that’s not much…”

That’s just the initial online sale.

The key to making money online is to have a progression of products producing a ladder of sales.

Typically an online business sales funnel will start with a small purchase. For example, take a look at this Traffic Offer.

It leads to a $1.00 sale. Not much, but now you have a lead who BOUGHT a product.

That’s a big deal.

You made an initial connection, enough to get someone to get out their wallet.

From this, you can continue to connect, building trust and providing value.

This is what we do for you when you start your internet business with us.