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Take Control Of Your Life

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It’s really important that you start to take control of your life.

I mean this in every aspect. Don’t just become a fatalist who thinks everything is pre-ordained.

It’s not.

You can influence outcomes – IF you take action.

If you make a CHOICE to do something.

I’m writing this on Friday evening (September 8th, 2017) as Hurricane Irma is bearing down on Miami, Florida with Category 5 winds. By any definition it’s a doozie of a storm.

I was due to travel to give a workshop near Atlanta, Georgia on Tuesday, but it’s been cancelled due to the storm worries.

Our thoughts & prayers are with everyone in and around the storm track.

“Mother Nature” is just one of many adverse events that we have to cope with in our lives.

But my good wishes, while heartfelt, won’t change what happens this weekend.

The “Stoics” (Greek philosophers) believed there are many things we can’t change and other things we can change – either fully or in part.

They tell us we shouldn’t waste our energy complaining about something we cannot change. Rather we should accept that bad things can (and will) happen, then put 100% of our focus on the things we can do.

We can and should expect bad times to befall us.

We can choose to create alternatives to any bad outcomes that might likely arise.

We can get out of the way of a hurricane.

You could lose your job…

I know this to be possible because it actually happened to me after 17 years in my job.

You can decide (preferably in advance) to educate yourself and create alternative income sources for yourself.

This is what I did.

I looked at the idea of creating an internet business. I settled on an internet business franchise.

Find yourself a trustworthy mentor.

The get going creating your better future, one that’s more in your control than settling for the life of an employee, with the risk your livelihood might disappear at any time.

Check out —>My Dot Com Business.

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