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Will Robots Take Your Job?


Will robots take your job?

It’s a scary prospect…Now they are scanning supermarket shelves in place of humans.

It’s bad enough that more and more jobs are low cost, but now even jobs checking supermarket shelves (that pay maybe $10 an hour) are being done by robots.

“Walmart is expanding its shelf-scanning robot program to 50 stores, reports Reuters. The retail giant has been testing the robots in a few stores in Arkansas, California and Pennsylvania. The machines, made by robot developer Bossa Nova, can check for stock levels, inventory prices and misplaced items, according to Engadget. Walmart said the robots won’t replace human workers, according to Reuters.”

The article says, “…robots are more productive than their human counterparts and can scan shelves significantly more accurately and three times faster, …”

Is the writing on the wall for your job?

Are you just sick and tired of your job even if the robots aren’t knocking on your door yet?

There is an alternative…

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